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Re: Headlight switch repairable?

> The headlight switch in my '86 4kcsq started going bad a few months ago.
> Is this dash to headlight connector outside the switch body where I
> can clean it up or inside the switch?  Is it worth repairing or is it
> time to replace the switch?  I'd like to fix this soon since driving at
> night with a dark dash is more than a bit disconcerting.

To say nothing of the fact that when your dash lights are out, so are
your parking lights - you aren't visible from the rear.

You will probably find meltage at one of the middle, small connectors in
the socket, might be enough to ruin the connection.  Also the switch
will have melted in the same place, allowing the inside contact to lose
it's pressure against the little metal wipers.  These switches don't
come apart well, I'd recommend at least a used switch with no meltage in
evidence, a new switch is about $30 I think at the dealer.  I think
Blauferfgnugnen (sp.?) is selling them as well.

A weak link here is that not only does that little connector have to
carry the current for all the parking lights and dash lights, but the
"flash to pass" feature runs the high beam filaments through it!

On my coupe the connection at the fuse box had also failed and I had to
run a new wire from an auxiliary fuse.  Fun.


Huw Powell


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