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RE: Drag Racing a 200TQ?

Yeah, that wuz me with the ur-q. I got the best results with a 5000-5500
RPM launch. I let the clutch out enough to remove all the slack from the
driveline and then snap the clutch all the way out as quickly as possible
to reduce clutch slip for wear reasons and to break the front tahrs loose
to keep the revs and boost up. 2nd gear comes up in about 1 second.
Side-stepping the clutch is real serious abuse as there will be a lot of slack
in the drivetrain. I don't recommend the side-step launch - ever. ($$$)
This wuz all with the stock engine and K26 turbo. I have yet to re-test
with the KUQEFH, but I will and will also file a report to the list.

I just *love* the feeling when the front-end gets all loose on a good launch!
Sure surprised the sh_t out of my buddy with the high-dollar & prepped 5.0
rustang..... he never caught me till ~100 feet from the traps.

Time for another Quattro Challenge.

When does New England Dragway open up for the 98 season?


paul sez:
>Scott, you seem to be havving much too much fun at the strip.
>I don't suppose you have tried any 5500 rpm launches?
>I think it was Glen who recommended them some years back.
>I don;t do that sort of thing with my street cars, but it
>works amazingly well with the race car in dirt...

i tried a redline sidestep start during one of my post-rallycross fun runs.
unfortunately they had turned off the timing equipment so i couldn't see
how this would have affected my run times.  i was amazed by the start.
it felt like 0-20 in a coupla car lengths.  it also seemed like it was less
stress on the clutch than letting it slip to keep the revs/boost up.  i'm sure
high coefficient starts would be a different story.  i even got some
commments about that start when i got off the course...


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