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RE: fog lights & boneheads

At 10:51 AM 3/27/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I would never do that, but, if you don't out all lights in excess of 2x
>after a quick and courteous flash you'll get a steady and well-aimed
>400W in return for your kindness. I live a bit North of the boondocks......

Hmmmm.  If this is such a problem how come I *never* get flashed?  Like I
said, Glen, "properly aimed".  That means that you don't point them in a
direction where they will shine into on-coming drivers' eyes.  You must aim
the tops of the beams so that they go down to the road instead of up to the
eyes.  Try it sometime.  You will find that it works.  :-)  My fog light
beams strike the road at almost exactly the same place as the stock,
factory aimed, low beam headlights do.  Voila!  No flashes!  There has
never proved to be a need for dimming the fog lights.  My driving lights,
however are powered through a relay actuated by the high beam circuit and
are controlled by the dimmer switch.  The drivers get dimmed at my first
awareness of on-coming traffic.  Their 200 watts would be blinding to
another driver.

If this somehow violates your idea of road behavior then so be it.  I know
where I drive.  I know the conditions under which I drive.  You don't.
Until you do experience these road conditions, you haven't a leg to stand on.

>Those that fail to dim >2x lights in the presence of other traffic 
>are both idiots and miscreants, IMFO. I am not implying that
>you personally don't dim >2x in the presence of other traffic.
>I drive with 200 watts of properly aimed fogs on every time I drive at
>night.  So shoot me.  
>I can agree that use of fog lights on a well lighted highway is not
>necessary, but don't assume that everyone with fog lights turned on is an
>idiot or miscreant.

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