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tires for my CQ

No, not a request for opinions, BTDT.

I ordered a set of RE71 Potenzas in 205/60VR15 (stock)
from a place called Precision Tire and Brake in NJ.
I will go there for the mounting/balance.
Total price was $96 per with m/b and that compares
favorably to Tire Rack at $80 ea plus shipping, and I 
didn't even have to haggle.

This place also torques all lugs by hand (go figure).

I considered the D40M2 at a similar price but he warned that
they might not be available should I blow a tire (Dunlop said
the same).  I also considered going 225/50/15 but decided to
wait until I can do a +1 upgrade to 16".

Oh, Tire Rack has the D40M2 in 225/50ZR16 for $77 ea.
At that price, it's worth taking a chance if you can go
16".  Anyone have a set of cheap 16" rims for the CQ 
you want to sell? (yes Alex, I know I should have bought yours)

Hope this helps.

| Dan |
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