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Re: Is Audi listening

> << They've been here, yes: <proof snipped> Not that they care to tell me.
> They're probably just getting ready to slap me with a lawsuit for unauthorized
> use of something or other. >>
> Let's hope not. 
> While Audi *could* perhaps do something
> like you (Dan) fear I hope you are just being paranoid.

Last time I spoke with someone in Audi's legal dept, they told
me they were about to crack down on all unauthorized use of
their trademarks on the internet.  That's the only reason I
mentioned it.  It is also another reason why I am pushing to
get the list off this server and into a private site.
I should have an update on that in the next two weeks.

> It is clear Dan is getting very frustrated in all this. Rumors have had it
> that there are AoA lurkers here too.

I am, because what is/was a hobby is taking up more and more time,
without any real financial rewards.  How easy would it be for
Audi to drop a server in their web farm (shared with VW) and
say "we know nothing about this, wink wink"?  
As usual, I'm just venting, I don't expect anything to come from
this.  It pisses me off to see QCUSA posters in every dealership,
a link to them from audiusa.com, and Audi-sponsored driving
schools in Europe, while we get jack.  Yeah, I know, join forces
with QCUSA :)  Hell, I'd even do that if Audi would tell me that's
what they want.

This list (and website) is about love for a certain marque.
To some extent, it's about being able to afford great cars
and fix them outselves.  As I mentioned, lots of the new
folks have no interest in the latter, but that will change in
time.  When the warranty is up and the guy with a 1996 A4 needs
a good independent mechanic, or parts, this is the resource
he will need.  Of course Audi doesn't care about that, but it's
because of people like us that Audi did not pull out of the US
altogether when things were tough.  

I continue to believe that feedback from enthusiasts are an essential
part of an automotive marque, in particular for one with such
a rich heritage.  My goal is to continue to do that, while still
assisting those of us with vehicles that don't cost an arm and
a leg, and are fun.

One final thought - instead of quoting me $82.50 each for a ball
joint, which was not in stock, had the dealer quoted anything close
to the almost 1/7 of that which I paid for the exact same part,
I would have purchased at the dealer.  If Audi dealerships had
competent, honest service writers, and skill techs, with a labor
rate that was not overinflated, there would be no need for independent
shops.  Wouldn't you rather have your vehicle serviced by an
Audi certified tech with "genuine Audi parts" for about the
same price?  This of course happens throughout the industry.

When I showed my wife that I had bought 2 ball joints, with next day
shipping, for less than the dealer price of 1 of those, she
said "I wonder what other people who don't know all this stuff
do?"  I replied "They get shafted to the tune of hundreds of 
dollars a year, then sell their cars in disgust complaining how
unreliable and expensive to maintain their Audi was".
Of course, this benefits us, so maybe we should just keep

Have a good weekend all.

| Dan |
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