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Fwd: Is Audi Listening

My experience with Audi has been horrible...........I bought a '97 A4TQ  with
1200 mi and discovered 3 large ugly, haphazardly drilled holes in the front
bumper cover, when I removed the front license plate holder.  I called Audi to
complain...what a mess and a defect of poor design.  At Audi's suggestion I
took it to my local dealer from them to look at it.  Swickley Audi's service
manager looked at it and SAID THIS IS VERY BAD and HE'LL CALL AUDI AND TELL
THEM IT SHOULD BE REPLACED.  It took TWO weeks for Audi to answer my concern.
Their answer was since I'm the second owner.......Too Bad.  Even after what
the dealer said.   At that conversation, I asked to speak to her supervisor.
It took another TWO weeks for the supervisor to call me back..........nice
huh.........She said she reviewed the case and said they would not help me due
to their thought that it is not a defect in the car.  The first excuse  was
not correct, she said.    At this point, I knew Audi didn't care......I
already own the car and they made their money already.  I asked to meet with
the Zone Rep. @ the dealer for him to see first hand.  Well...... quess how
long I waited for the return call..........35 DAYS, after I left 2 messages
for her to call.  Nice huh.  When she called her answer was Audi is does not
want to me with me, NOT even on my own time, whenever this Zone guy made his
regular stop at Swickley Audi.  SORRY WE DON"T EVEN WANT TO MEET WITH
YOU................Needless to say I tried to be reasonable and Audi stepped
all over me.  The only thing I do now is bad mouth Audi every chance I get.
I'm past president of our 425 member Porsche Club...all these people will hear
the story, belong to autocross clubs...they'll hear it, plus all the internet
groups, friends and business associates will get their ears beat.  As far as
I'm concerned Audi does not have respect, concern, or gives a shoot about Audi
owners.....it's obvious to me and I'm speading the word.      Good Luck on
your situation, you'll need it.

Bradley Blumfeldt
Pittsburgh PA