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RE: the good ol boys and their guns...

>An interesting fact: Both Israel and Switzerland have far higher percentages
>of families and individuals that own firearms, including those much-dreaded
>fully-automatic 'assault weapons'. These countries also have far lower
>incidences of firearms violence Vs the US.

>Methinks there may be a remote possibility that societal differences and not
>firearms ownership, per se, may be a factor here......? 
>(sarcastic comment generator now off)

Me thinks because of the puritan heritage. You know, "if it feels good to
the body, it's bad for the soul." So sex is bad, and violence is good.
Violence builds character. Look at Hollywood. How many movies with violent
content are made. How many with sex (as primary content) are made. I think
some study has shown majority of Disney films are violent in nature.

Personally, I think sex would do us a lot of good. The President is doing
it. It's time for us citizens to follow the lead, too. Remember, iolence
is bad -- it could get a fellow killed.

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