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RE: the good ol boys and their guns...

Uh-oh, zero Audi content alert!  Sorry, I couldn't resist.

An interesting fact: Both Israel and Switzerland have far higher percentages
of families and individuals that own firearms, including those much-dreaded
fully-automatic 'assault weapons'. These countries also have far lower
incidences of firearms violence Vs the US.

Methinks there may be a remote possibility that societal differences and not
firearms ownership, per se, may be a factor here......? 
(sarcastic comment generator now off)

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and victims of this terrible
tragedy, and to the parents and families of the alleged perpetrators, but, I
in no way excuse the ultimate responsibility of said perps' parents.

Guns don't kill - people kill.

If you respond PLEASE respond directly and NOT to the list.


yup, the right to bear arms is often required to protect yourself from the
other maniacs out their dutifully bearing their arms...

the fact is that the usa has the highest gun death rate *per head of
population* of any other country on gods earth.  over 10 *times* that of most
other civilised countries.  go figure...

and you're right about the the fact that little boys will take their
frustrations out, whatever happens.  it's just that i would prefer that they
didn't have an armalite or uzi when they're feeling frustrated...

yup, i'm feeling argumentative today.  arguments gladly handled off-line.

anyway, i feel better now - back to the normal programming....

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q