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'89 200Q Avant resolved...

Hi Gang,

	Well, after a good nights sleep and some clear sober thinking, not to
mention the fact that it's 80F. here in Rhoda Rico today; I've decided that I
don't really need a 200Q Avant...want YES, need NO...I'd rather be sailing a
boat than restoring to perfection a car.

	So, just in case any of you in the New England area are interested I'll
pass along the particulars and the guy's phone number and E-mail address. I
believe he and his family are heading to Disney World today or tomorrow, so I
wouldn't expect to hear from him for a while. I think that he makes a living
selling cars like this.

	The car is an '89 200Q Avant pearl white with black leather, heated
seats that he claims work. I personally didn't try toasting my buns with 'em.
It has 175K miles on the clock, but the engine sounds tight and doesn't smoke.
It is the MC engine and has a new "bellows" hose from the IC to the TB. The
car seemed a lot peppier than mine before I "Charlie Springed" and "Scrapnel
Knobbened" so this car may be "chipped" already or at least modified in some
manner. The paint has some scatches in it and the leather is not perfect. I
noticed that the "bomb" was completely shot; stop the engine and the brake is
hard before you can get one pump out of it; also, if you step hard on the pedal
while the car is running you can feel the pulses from the CHP quite easily. The
CHP is leaking from the screw under the most forward line coming out of the top
of the pump. A good tightening may cure this. He was asking $5400 in his Sunday
paper ad, but asked me to post it just less than $5k if I didn't want it and
posted it to the group. The fellow's name is Paul Work and his phone number is
401-247-4518, his E-mail address is "pwork@ids.net". I do not know this fellow;
I have spoken with him by phone a few times a year or two ago about other Q's
he's had for sale in the paper. Yesterday was the first time I met him face to
face...seemed like a nice enough fellow...no hard sell or any of that nonsense.
I stand to gain nothing for posting this, so all disclaimers apply. I have put
eyeballs on this car though so I can answer some of the questions you may have.

	As I mentioned yesterday, I'm no longer a permanent "Quattro lister"...
just got to be too much traffic; so, direct any questions to me personally as I
won't be receiving them from the "list".

			Have a great weekend all, and happy motoring,


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