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RE: Warranty and I hope Audi's reading

Did those holes have an Audi QA stamp on them or something?  I'm sorry
to hear that you have gotten the response that you have, but you've
gotta admit that a few holes in a bumper cover that would not be visible
were the license plate mounted really isn't that big a deal (at least
NIMHO ... )

Have you had the service history for the car checked?  I too prefer to
remove my front plate (even though it is illegal), and when I went to do
so on my '88 5kCSQW I found a similar problem.  The car was in a minor
fender bender and the bumper cover was replaced.  The replacement parts
must not be pre-drilled is what I figure ... so I put the front plate
back on ...

If you do find that this happened to your car as well I'd say your best
recourse would be to chase down the dealer that did the repair and have
them make good ... if the car only has 1200 miles it probably wasn't
that long ago that it was done.  Otherwise, who's to say that the first
owner didn't slip with a drill ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> My experience with Audi has been horrible...........I bought a '97
> A4TQ  with
> 1200 mi and discovered 3 large ugly, haphazardly drilled holes in the
> front
> bumper cover, when I removed the front license plate holder.  I called
> Audi to
> complain...what a mess and a defect of poor design.  At Audi's
> suggestion I
> took it to my local dealer from them to look at it.  Swickley Audi's
> service
> manager looked at it and SAID THIS IS VERY BAD and HE'LL CALL AUDI AND
> THEM IT SHOULD BE REPLACED.  It took TWO weeks for Audi to answer my
> concern.