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Is Audi listening...yeah right (Bucksnort comments)

In message <s51bb47a.086@wppost.depaul.edu> Alex Kowalski (audial@aol.com) (Alex Kowalski) writes:

> You don't necessarily need all X listers to buy new Audis to have the
> people on the List make a perceptible impact on Audi sales and the
> perception of the brand.

We have discovered something very interesting in the UK quattro Owners Club.
OK - these are 17 to 7 year old cars - old heaps, long out of warranty, and 
only useful to Audi UK as a reminder of past glories.
But when we asked a roomful of members - over a dozen hands went up for a 
current A4, and several owned up to an A6.  The club has several A8 owners.

Audi should be a damn sight more careful than they are at present.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club