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flushing the coolant system

In message <005601bd59c3$6dd348e0$aafd8ac0@flanders.avs.com> "Rob Winchell" writes:

> I want to empty out the coolant so I can replace the after-run thermoswitch,
> heater control valve and put in some fresh new coolant. So, is there a
> specific way to do this, or do I just open up a handy hose and let it drain?
> I know, make sure it's cool first.

It's usual to trun heater controls to 'open' (i.e., hot) and pull the small 
hose off the bottom of the radiator.  It trickles at first, but as the air gets 
in it suddenly rushes from both ends at inconvenient moments.  It is indeed a 
trick of the true master to get it all into a single bucket without a sleeveful.

> Does anyone recommend a specific coolant, or do they fall in the "all the
> same" category?

IMO - they're all much the same.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club