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4ksq window regulator question

	Hi folks. I'm the proud owner of an '85 4ksq with 208k miles. I am 
having some trouble with the drivers window. It stuck halfway open 
today and when I went to my local dealer, they quoted me a price of 
$410.00 for a new regulator and motor. My first question is whether 
or not the regulator can be ordered without the motor. Second, does 
anyone know of any good aftermarket supplier I might be able to 
aquire this part from? Any advice regarding this dilema would be 
greatly appreciated.

Matthew J. Sinclar
1985 4ks quattro 208k and purring like a kitten.

P.S.  This is my first time writing to the Quattro List, so please 
excuse any oversight regarding other sources of this information. 
E.G, archived information and the like.