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Metal Master Brake Pads?

<repeat of post to 20V list>
In shopping around for brake upgrades, I've gotten several responses
quoting "Metal Master" pads.  Does anyone have any experience with these?
I have no intentions of serious racing, but do want to stop effectively,
given that all the other upgrades I've done lately are of the go faster
variety.  I had started out thinking of KVR carbon pads based on the 20V
page, q-list, and friends experiences.
The rest of the upgrade I'm planning is cross-drilled rotors and SS brake
lines, staying with the stock calipers, which IMO are pretty good for a car
of this calibre.
As usual, all experiences and opinions are welcome.

Matt Rooke
'91CQ:  116k- H&R/ Bilstein/ Scorpion/ H4's/ ...