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Re: fitting remote door locks possible? (Results)

Huw Powell writes:
> Hmmm, stealth PDL.  Never occurred to me.  That way the mugger doesn't
> even know your doors are open and can't jump in before you drive off... 
> Okay, maybe I'll try it.  Anyone ever fooled with making both doors
> "masters"?

Yup, I like the Audi vacuum actuated locks too.  The way the
lock moves smoothly up and down is just too cool.

By the way, on the new Audis (such as my A4), not only do both
front doors serve as the central locking system's "master", the
trunk lock does too.  Also, they have "selective-unlocking".  One
turn of the key unlocks only that door (or trunk).  Two turns
unlocks all doors and trunk.  Finally, the key can be used to close
all windows and sunroof (and on the 97 and later cars, open all windows
too) from either front door or the trunk.  Now *that*'s nifty to the
nth degree! :-).

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