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Tire Thread

     I happen to think that Michelin makes the best tires!  But, they are
expensive, and if you do track events and go through tires quicker than the
average joe (although Michelin's seem to last longer than most brands), than
it may not be worth it.  I really like the Energy MXV4's, and I've heard the
new Pilot SX's are excellent!

     I personally think the Dunlop D60A2's are the best buy at $60 a tire (and
haven't they gone down since then?).  That's what I bought and they are good
in the dry, even better in the wet, and decent on snow.

     But, if I wanted to go with something else (moderately priced) that offers
same or better performace, what tire should I go with?  What about the new
Pirelli Sport Veloce's????  I am interested in them as when I was getting a
tire patched, one guy was telling me that they are all new and great.  Anyone
have any experience with these?  I have some experience with Pirellis and I
found in the past that although they are very grippy, then tend to wear out
VERY fast!  Prices on them seem to be pretty moderate (it's not the P-Zero I'm
talking about obviously).  Any other brands/models?  Toyo, Yokohama, etc?

     Any suggestions welcome.