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RE:VR6 vs. Audi V6---how do they differ

<<Wondering why a supercharger for a VR6 would not work on the V6 in a
,<<96 A6q.  Any help, much appreciated.

The 2 engines differ in every way.  It is coincidence that the are both 2.8
and that the VR6 and the 12V Audi V6 are 172hp.

The VR6 is a narrow angle, almost inline 6 (15 degrees I believe), where the
Audi is a standard V6 configuration (60 degrees?).  The VR6 is made to be a
transverse engine, where the Audi V6 is meant to be a Longitudinal engine.  I
believe the VR6 has much more torque that the Audi V6 though (don't quote me
on that).

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