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Re: fog lights & boneheads

Where can I get gas-discharge/plasma/Xenon/fusion/hydrogen/fission/helium
lamps?? Maybe I'll just get a couple search lights off the front of a M1
tank and bolt them up to the q. may look funny, but it should be almost
enough light for me.

Fact is, that for all the crying we do about our lighting systems'
inadequacies it seems a little counter intuitive that the (admittedly
anemic) fog lights on our cars are "blinding people?" The S4 comes with
integral fog lights (can't be independently aimed from lows) and they are
fair to moderate from a light standpoint.

The fogs that came on my Jeep, although mounted relatively high on the
bumper, would not blind you if you sat in front of them with your eye lids
taped open. 35 watt bulbs (I've seen brighter key lights) and plastic lenses
that were so translucent they looked frosted. They were the first things to
go, replaced by Hella Micro FF fogs. Good lights, by the way, especially for
the money.

Frank "can I get an Amen?"
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>Hmmmmm. So if I had 9000 W of "properly-aimed"
>gas-discharge/plasma/Xenon/fusion lamps, the reflection/glare from a
>rainy road wouldn't bother you? I have 2 x 55 on low, and 4 x 100 on
>high. Let's not make this a "question of degree" or "but I need to see"
>discussion. If you're irritating other drivers, you're irritating other
>drivers. The requirement for "low" beams occurs when there's another car
>around. If (other driver's) lights are also illuminating the same road,
>who needs more light? End of story.
>I use a very subjective and punitive rationale:  if your lights bother
>me, I hit you in the face with my luminous sledgehammer.