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"Ice Man, Cooling systems"

 Alright, I had a little "encounter" with a Saturn last night. Getting onto
the highway Myself and my S.O. were in our 89.5 200Q. Only mods are a chip
and a 1.8bar WG spring. 

  Now, waiting for the light to change so we can make the left turn onto
the on-ramp, a black (1997 or 1998) Saturn Coupe pulls up along side us. On
the side of the car was a sticker that say "Ice Man Cooling systems" or
"Ice Man Cool Air systems". I wasn't really paying attention (heck, what's
another Saturn anyway?), but it was one of those two. Anyway, I figured
that I better gun it so I can get ahead of him before we have to
merge.......NOPE! This car flat out hauled! Now, I don't consider our 200
to be any race car or even "fast" for that matter. However, I do know that
at 6000 ft. above sea level, our chipped turbo 2.2l should take a NA 2.0l.
NOT A CHANCE! I was stunned beyond belief! So, now we are on the highway
and I am just following him waiting to see what comes next. 

  So, I pull up along side him just to see what he does (actually, I knew
what was going to happen, but someone had to do it). Of course, we both gun
it. Now the Audi is into it's own. The highway! YEAH! Now, 3rd 4th and 5th
gear and this guy doesn't have a prayer. I walked him, but that's
all.....just a walk. I am still in awe as to how fast he got onto the
highway and how much it took to lose him. Plain and simple, this was NOT a
stock Saturn

  My question to the list: Has anyone heard of this "Ice Man" thing? What
is it? does anyone know the offending Saturn? Is there a Saturn list like
this one? 

Laters, Ben
Thornton, Co
83' UrQ #346 PT2B
87' 4KCSQ
89' 200Q