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Pikes Peak 98' update

Ok kiddies, a Pikes Peak update for you......not 30 seconds ago I got off
the phone with The lovely Mrs. Pat at the Pikes Peak head offices (the same
lady that helped out so much last year) and she was soooo happy that I
called. Apparently she was waiting to hear from us about the parking and if
I had waiting approx. two weeks longer, the parking would have gone to
another car club. Imagine that! :)
  So, long story short....the parking is our again....the discounted
tickets, yep, we got em' again. A $3.00 discount may not seem like much,
but when you are buying 50+ tickets that $3.00 can add up. 

  ah, but we have added another element this year........we have a
dedicated list for Pikes Peak discussion and updates!!!! Thanks to our most
generous friend, Brett Dikeman, we have a nice little "majordomo" list for
this event. Are we getting organized or what? :) 

  Anyway, subscriptions should be handled just like this list. To
subscribe, send an e-mail to: 


and in the body of the message, write "subs*ribe audifest98" (of curse you
will need to replace that "*" with a "c") 

 After that, list submission (questions, any news that anyone might have,
"what should I bring", etc......) should be posted to:


....and just like the quattro list, do NOT use the word "subs*ribe" in any
of your posts. 

 I would like to have everyone subs*ribed to the list by Monday the 9th.
That gives you all week and the weekend to send a silly little note to an
address. I wouldn't expect high traffic, but at least it will keep the
noise down on the quattro list. After the 9th, ALL pikes Peak questions and
comments should be sent to the "audifest98" list. This is the last post
that I will make to the list about the pikes peak subject. If you have any
question from now until the 9th, feel free to e-mail me. 

  It would be my suggestion that if you have ANY intention of attending
this event, please subs*ribe to the list. It will make your and my life
that much easier. ....and I hope you ALL can make it out this year. :)

Laters, Ben
Thornton, CO
83' UrQ #346 PT2B
87' 4KCSQ
89' 200Q