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20v turbo oil pressure

One quick question:  what is the typical max oil pressure seen on the
factory guage on the 20v turbos?

Up until today, mine would max out at 5+ bar.  I had some work done at the
dealer, which included dropping the oil pan and a resulting oil change.  I
gave the dealer 5 quarts of 10-30 Mobil One to put back in.  Normally,
after an oil change it stays up around the max pressure, even while idling;
now I max out at 4 bar under hard acceleration and idle at sub 2 bar.

I know this isn't normal for my car, but am looking for some other
experiences before I go back and get the "but it's within specs" line.  I
almost suspect the mechanic kept the Mobil One (over 20 DM per liter here)
and put regular oil in, but that doesn't really explain the possible lack
of max pressure under acceleration.

Please reply directly to me and not the list as I'm un-subbed due to time
constraints (which is one reason I didn't do the work myself).

Thanks in advance

Joe Yakubik