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Re: [Fwd: AUDI QUESTION HELP!!!!!!!]

Hi Jay,

sorry I don't know about the transaxle, but about the wheels I can
tell you that my '91 Audi 90 uses 108x4 bolt pattern and came with
5.5x14 steel wheels with 45 mm backspace. There were also 6x14 and
7x15 alloy wheels available, also with the same backspace.
I will get a set of aftermarket 7.25x15 with 35 mm backspace this week
which fit without body-modifications.

In Europe Ford, Peugeot and Audi have used the 4x108 bolt pattern

Greetings from Germany


>Can anyone answer this one??
>         I have a Porsche 924, and I have heard rumors that the
transaxle from
>a 1976 AUDI 100 LS is the same, with different (lower) ratios, can
you help
>confirm this? If possible, can you list the ratios for each gear, and
>My Final drive is a 3.44:1 ratio, I would like to find a 3.66:1 or
>final, Thanks for your time, and Help!
>                                                                  Jay
>P.S. ALSO: My car has 14x6in wheels with 36mm backspace, and 4 on
108mm bolt
>pattern, do you know of any cars with specs close to this? At least
with the
>same pattern? THANKS! I AUTO-X in E-Prep, and i sure could use
tighter gear
>ratios, and some 13in Tires for AUTO-X and some 16's for street use!