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Re: Suspension bushings: help needed

I also did it with a bench vise. The handle also bent first. But then
I put the handle half way on either side and put two 1 m pipes over
the two handle ends. Then it worked.

good luck,

>A tale of woe from an incompetent home mechanic:
>I got the bright idea to change my own suspension (control arm and
anti-sway bar) bushings.  I removed the control arm and felt pretty
proud of myself.  Removing the bushings was another story.  I finally
got them out, but only with the help of a propane torch to heat the
control arm.  Now I can't get the new bushings fully in, at least not
without that propane torch, which would make the new bushings fairly
>What special tool am I lacking that I need to own?  I'm trying to do
this with a bench vise.  I lubricated the new bushings with soapy
water.  I'm able to apply enough pressure to bend the vise's handle.
>Jack Rich