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Re: Mushy steering.

Control arm bearings?

Pull the handbrake and put gear into neutral position. Check if you
can move the front wheel(s) forth and back without moving the car. If
so, the rubber bearings that connect the suspension the the car
(control arm bearings?) have disintegrated. You can check this more
exactly by jacking up the car, taking off the wheel and moving the
suspension forth and back.
I replaced the bearings recently after 140000 km (90 kMiles). Cost me
DM 93.- for the parts and 5 hours of time because I had to find some
adequate tools to press the new bearings into the control arms.


>     My '93 90S has developed a *very* mushy feel to the steering. It
>     started out only at higher speeds, but now I can feel it all the
>     and it is getting very anoying. I have played around with
>     tire pressure (32-38psi) but it feels the same all the time.
>     Any recommendations on what to check first of all? I'm planning
>     taking it to the shop in the next few days to have it looked at,
and I
>     would like to be able to tell them what to look for.
>     Thanks
>     Matt Daniels
>     '93 90S