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Re: V70R Review

Our Volvo (FWD, 5-sp manual, turbo) would blow away my old '91 200q. It
weighs app. 400 lbs. less, has 19 more hp and more torque. Of course, w/o
AWD any wetness or other conditions detrimental to traction would reverse
the situation.

So far, the build quality of the Volvo is better, but the Audi felt like it
would feel nicer for longer. I think they're probably about equal in

The A6 wagon is nowhere near either car in outright performance. I have only
driven one 100/A6 with the 170-something hp V6 and I was not impressed. It
was a 1st generation Servotronic steering car and it was soo light I thought
I'd gotten into a '70s American car. It also felt woefully short on power.
Going automatic only for those models surely can't have helped.

- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, http://www.geocities.com/motorcity/1001
  98 volvo v70 t5 - 5-speed
  94 acura legend gs - 6-speed!

Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 11:21:21 -0500
From: Elliott Potter <epotter@abraxis.com>
Subject: Re: V70R Review

> At 10:23 AM 3/30/98 -0800, Paul wrote:
> >
> >While the car is beautyful to look at, in Saffron metallic paint,
> >and a very able ride, it was nothing to get your heart racing.
> >Firstly, note that it only comes to the US in an automatic form.
> >Secondly, with OBDII and computerized shifting, chipping up the
> >turbo is no easy feat, and not very wise if you could.  The ride was,
> >well, Volvo like.  A nice car, a pretty car, a capable car, but
> >anyone who has ever ridden in a 200Q with a IA phase III chip would
> >be woefully disapointed.  Don't dispair, your not missing too much.
> >
> [...]

But what about a *stock* 200Q?  Or how would a stock A6 wagon compare?
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