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msg for audijeep Craig re fan thermoswitch


Can't email you at telerama, AOL bounces it.  The socket I used to replace my
92 100S fan thermoswitch is 1 1/8 inches (not mm) with a depth of about 2
inches at least.  Very easy job.  Don't overtorque, just snug enough to seal.
A lot of these thermoswitches are sold, wonder why they fail so often?  Maybe
they are carrying too much current, although I think they are only carrying
fan relay coil current.  Maybe an arc suppressor would help. Motorola makes
some great devices for this purpose. Sometimes the inductive kickback from a
switched relay coil can cause arcing and pitting of switch contacts. Good

92 100S
83K miles.
Mobil 1 5-30, a quart every 1200 miles (always fresh oil in this car
regardless of change interval).