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the corporate world, Audi's attitudes...

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> Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 13:35:53 -0500
> From: Gen Kanai <gkanai@earthlink.net>
> Subject: Audi's attitudes...
>...Yet for all the MBAs and "experience" that everyone has here- little
to >none of the marketing that we do is to retain loyal owners.  Most of
it is >spent on TV and other mass market advertising that does little to
retain >customers and is hard to measure effectively.

Not to mention being mind-numbingly repetitive and totally irritating.
Enough to sour even the most loyal repeat customer, I would think...

>I mean a little corporate support would mean so much to these folks and
you >would have such an incredible power in your favor. 

Can you imagine the energy expended here directed, even in part, to
singing the praises to new converts?  This already happens to some
degree, but with a little corporate fertilization, it would be many
times greater.

>All of this negative talk about AoA not supporting Dan or not
supporting >their customers is exactly the same talk I hear at my car
company-and it >doesn't make me comfortable in the thought of buying an

The bottom line is, and especially considering Audi's somewhat
unimaginitive attitude towards loyal (if not new-car) buyers, Audi makes
a pretty damn nice car.  Sure it has it's shortcomings and achilles
heel, but it's a damn nice package, quattro or not.  If the car wasn't
worth it, no amount of marketing or corporate fuzzies would make it

2 more pennies... gonna need a new roll soon.