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[Fwd: 4K/4KQ elec win & roof swap?]

Hey - I don't want to steal Glen's leads, but does anyone have insights 
in getting a crank style sunroof to replace the electric ones in an 85 
and 86 4ksq?  (Perhaps this would be the same fit as a 84ksq.)  I need 
to replace at least one (probably two) and it would be great to get a 
cheap(er) replacement soon to further enjoy the Midnight Sun up here.


I have an electric sunroof motor and switch (works fine) that I want
to swap for the crank-type setup. I also have front elec window
motors that I want to swap for the wind-up type. All 84 4KQ. I will
swap these elec units even for wind-up units (no $$$). Please contact 
me directly. Thanks.  gpowell@acacianet.com