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Driving the ALCAN

Hey - I'm just putting the feelers out.  I have an 85 4ksq in central 
Illinois that I'm hoping to drive up the ALCAN soon, perhaps this 
summer.  I bought the car as an undergraduate and put about 130k miles 
on it.  It has 200k miles now.  Since moving to Alaska about 4 years ago 
it has been sitting at my brother's house.  Anyway, my brother is up to 
putting it in decent mechanical condition, but I'm leery about driving 
it for the big haul because I am by no means a mechanic.  

I'm looking for someone who is more mechanically savvy than me to drive 
up with me to Anchorage.  I would take care of all expenses, but I'm not 
sure that I could foot the bill for the return to the lower 48.  This 
person would have use of the car to explore other parts of Alaska and 
digs at my apartment.

Another alternative, is anyone planning to come up the ALCAN this summer 
that I could drive with?  Perhaps we could have an Audi caravan.

TIA, Karen