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RE: [Fwd: 4K/4KQ elec win & roof swap?]

The crank assembly should be the same on all 4kq's regardless of year.
They all
have the tilt/slide functionality.  The biggest problem you'll face is
with your
headliner.  There is a larger portion of the headliner removed when a
power sunroof
mechanism is installed.  If you were to got to a crank, you will find
that you now
have this large area around the crank without headliner coverage.

As Glen is doing this to a 4kq being used primarily as a race car, he'll
most likely
have the headliner removed anyway, so this will be a moot issue.  But
for those
thinking about this for a daily driver,  heads up!


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> Subject:	[Fwd: 4K/4KQ elec win & roof swap?]
> Hey - I don't want to steal Glen's leads, but does anyone have
> insights 
> in getting a crank style sunroof to replace the electric ones in an 85
> and 86 4ksq?  (Perhaps this would be the same fit as a 84ksq.)  I need
> to replace at least one (probably two) and it would be great to get a 
> cheap(er) replacement soon to further enjoy the Midnight Sun up here.
> TIA,
> Karen << Message: 4K/4KQ elec win & roof swap? >>