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V6 stumbling/bogging (1993 90)

Well, with the sudden return of summer-like weather, a gremlin has
gotten loose in my 1993 90...

With ambient temps. around 80F and the engine hot, it stumbles and
bogs badly if I snap the throttle open around 2100RPM in 2nd gear.
There is a pause, almost like a power loss, and then it surges
ahead again and runs a little rough up through 3000RPM and then
seems to be okay.

More delicate throttle application doesn't elicit any symptoms.
When colder, it runs almost fine, except for a little raggedness
around 2800RPM.

The O2 sensors are fairly new, about 15,000 miles and 1 1/2 years
old. I checked for obvious vacuum leaks, and all hoses and tubes
seem to be intact and in good condition. No codes in the ECU.

Anyone have any suggestions?

1993 90CS 63k mi