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Tires don't make the ride

Pat Martin writes:
>So by Scotts definition all tires even of the same size are the same.  What
>they had the same brand and model that the other cars had we could then make 
>the assumption that the cars suspension and other is not up to snuff.  My 
>feeling is that they put crappy tires on a good car.  This is also what I
>read into the people who have driven it.
Well, I've driven it, and it ain't the tires sir.  Brakes on audis are subpar,
always have been.  I've done more brakes in audis than I care to count.  And
most are due to heat, NOT wear.  I've also driven the other cars on that
comparo (save the VDP) and the audi is midpack (at best, I personally think
the mag was kind).  I'm not here to slam audi, I'm actually quite partial to
them.  However, Audi had this comparo in the bag.  Brand new ground up
chassis, engine, suspension and drivetrain  competing against all older ones.
With that given, there should be NO excuses, this is THE top of the line
flagship, with all those wonderful toys.  You want to make it a tire issue?
If that was what would have put audi at the top, why did the powers that be at
audi put the pieces of crap on to begin with?  After driving the audi A8 (with
SP 8000's no less) and the 740, I personally think that 3rd was pretty
distant, I wouldn't have even compared the two.

Pat, I would encourage you to drive more.  I advocate good cars, you build one
right, from the radio to the tires, there are no excuses when the mags compare
apples to apples.  I enjoy driving good cars, it helps me to target
improvement to my 3 audi rides.  Drive any BMW, especially an M, and audi
brakes become a joke.  (After my first ride in an M3, I wanted brakes, made a
Big Red conversion for the audis - take a ride in one of those, and smiles
abound).  Even the mighty RS2, has 944 brakes on them, 4 pux no less.  Hey,
how 'bout the 993's?  

Bottom Line:  Audi was given the platter, and it fell short.  If what you say
is true, then audi could have spent the extra 50bux (the difference between
brand x and x+) and won the comparo outright?  Understand your argument Pat.
You might also want to explain how those x+ tires would be good for 20feet
shorter braking too, since that's where the first place Lexus came in.

Do it right the first time, that's what this is about.  AFTER the review is
complete, Monday morning arrives on how audi coulda and shoulda.  You believe
that to be tires.  I believe the winners to have a wee bit more than that,
been there driven that.  Making excuses AGAIN for sub par results.  Com'on,
time to call the coaches...

Scott Justusson