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US based UK UrQ Club members

If you haven't read Phils' post today re UK quattro Owners Club you 
probably should.
I find the summarized actions objectionable and in bad taste, given the 
enthusiast nature of the club.  While I DIDN'T say the action was 
illegal or immoral, as used car dealers do this all the time, it is in 
bad taste and a conflict for someone representing other Q owners and 
wannabes, especially as the car was to be flipped not appreciated.
I am not looking for a debate here either, if you agree fine if not 
fine.  I simply propose that is Phils' observations are found to have 
merit, that we take the club chairman to task as is our right as 
Acceptable outcomes IMFO;

1: resignation of the chairman or

2: offering for sale the Q in question at real purchase price or BO
   with any overage going to original seller with much humble pie
   coming from chairman

3: Instutute procedures so this can't happen again.

Anyone who wants to sign a letter to that effect let me know and any 
alternate ideas/ forms of rebuke please let me know.

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