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Re: US based UK UrQ Club members

At 07:05 AM 3/30/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Acceptable outcomes IMFO;
>1: resignation of the chairman or
>2: offering for sale the Q in question at real purchase price or BO
>   with any overage going to original seller with much humble pie
>   coming from chairman
>3: Instutute procedures so this can't happen again.
>Anyone who wants to sign a letter to that effect let me know and any 
>alternate ideas/ forms of rebuke please let me know.

Not a member, but if what the chairman allegedly did is substantiated, it
was highly un-ethical and he should go.  Don't think that would happen here
as the list is largely self running and most of us have the other member
lister's interest at heart (thanks again to Dan).


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