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Re[2]: Dash lights, spedo, tach, All out ???? anybody BTDT 8

     Thanks, It turned out to be the fuse, however if I look at the block 
     Diagram In the Bentley Book it tells me it is in the NO 12 position 
     and is a 5A fuse... Then if I look at the wiring schematic, it tells 
     me its in no 12 also but is a 15A fuse... I found it to be a 15A fuse 
     but NOT in the No 12 position... and Now that I think about it... My 
     trunk was open when It failed.... so wires... Here we go ... I 
     appreciate the Help!!

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Subject: Re: Dash lights, spedo, tach, All out ???? anybody BTDT 865k
Author:  J4KQ4me <J4KQ4me@aol.com> at Internet
Date:    3/26/98 12:37 AM

check the wiring along the (I think) left side trunk hinge. It likes to break 
down and short when you put it in reverse, making you lose everything on the 
 HTH- Jon.