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Dem Tarz

About the recent comments on the Dunlop D60A2....I can't agree thaqt 
they are bad.  I have a set on my 1983 280ZXT right now and they are 
a very good tire for "assertive"driving, and I also use them for 
auto-x'ing, as I'm not rich enough to buy separate tires and wheels.

I have no complaints about the D60A2 at all.  I will note in fairness 
that my past experience with Dunlops on THIS 280 ZXT - which is 
highly sensitive to tire balance and to seams in road surfaces - 
suggests that the Dunlops mightl be retired before the tread bars 
hit ground, as they tend to get lumpy late in life.

I heartily agree that the original tires on many Audi's (let's say, 
those with a brand name startring with the letters "G-O-O-D"..) are 
inferior.  My 1990 200 came with Good.... GA's on it and they were 
lousy.  harsh ride, inexcusably poor wet traction, not spectacular 
dry traction.  The BFG Comp T/A H-series tires I replaced them with 
were superior in ALL conditions and much smoother riding.  The 
Yokohama AVS-V rated tires not on the 200 are even smoother, perhaps 
not as aggressive on the dry, but INCREDIBLE for wet surface 

I oncet' had an 84 5KT which came with Good...'s on it and they also 
were crap.  I replaced those with an earlier series BFG and was very 
happy with them.

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