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clicking relays...more questions...


I lifted off the fusebox cover and pulled all the relays, some pins
indicate a bit of "corossion", mere brown lining as an indication of
some water seapage into the box. Wires below look intake and all pins
are fine. I cleaned the pins and recovered the box.

Moving into the car to the source of all the clicking. I removed the
cover under the dashboard to expose the relays. The idea was to drive
the car without the cover and then try and locate which relay it was
that did all clicking. Went to a friend's place and stayed way too
long so the car cooled off. Drove back home and let it sit in the
driveway with the temp at about 85 celcius. Very surprised at how the
temp climbs up so quickly. Within about 1.5 minutes the temp was
at 100 celcius after doing some idle to 1500RPM revs. The fan came
on, then the clicking began. I stuck my head under the dash to pinpoint
the relay doing it, but cannot for the life of me make out which one
it is.

I would like to get some ideas on how to identify which relay it is.
Don't surpose it would be a great idea to remove the plastic covers
off the relays then drive the car till the stuff starts happening and
then check to see exactly which relay is being switched?

I tried to place my finger on the relays to feel which one was giving
off a slight vibration due to switching, but couldn't feel a thing.

Any ideas? Anyone got a map of what relay does what under the dash or
the 1990 200? Perhaps I can pull out some relays tof unimportant
subsystems and leave only the ones necessary for the time being.


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