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Re: UK quattro Owners Club

>My judgement was confirmed by the advertisement of a Pearlescent White 20V
>RR in the March Newsletter.  As the advertisement states, it was placed by
the >chairman himself.  It is not, however, the 20V that he normally
drives - it is
>one that he bought some days before the newsletter went to print.
I mentioned this to Dean Zaman last weekend and he was fairly sure that it
had been sourced from somewhere in the Durham/Newcastle area.

>One of the problems in the UK is that one individual and only one is
>responsible for the production of the newsletter.  In consequence, only one
>individual's opinions ever get aired ...
Dean raises this point at nearly every C1 meeting - he has just about lost
count of the articles sent to the editor that have disappeared into a black

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro