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FW: 4000s question

I also have been thinking about this for a while.  I have worked on
different parts of the car but the engine is one thing that I haven't
gotten the courage to modify.  I don't know too much about it and I sure
would like to hear what's been done.  

Eventhough a fwd is not a quattro, maintenance would be a bit less
expensive: 1/2 of drive shafts, no rear differential, 1 less
cylinder...etc.  But how much of the tuning potential is there with a
1.8L 16v?  I understand with a 2.0L 16v engine, it's possible to get a
170hp engine (Autotech 2.0L upgrade kit).  However, it's pretty
expensive.  The kit is about $2,000, plus Euro cam, and sport exhaust
system (+$1,000?).  I imagin labor isn't cheap either.

> Derick Farfan wrote:
....  Also, has anyone heard of installing a 16V in a 4000s(fwd).  Just
an interesting project i going to look in to.

Paul Pedersen

87 4KS