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Intermitent start problem in 1990 V8 Quattro

I have a 1990 V8 Quattro that has an intermitent start problem.  Every couple
of weeks, it just won't fire.  I have noticed that it often happens when I am
low (< 1/2 tank) of gas- although today it did it on a full tank.  It has
happened in the rain & in dry weather.  Cold starts as well as warm starts.
Sometimes when it won't start, I will wait a period of time (anywhere from
minutes to hours) & retry & it will fire up.  

When it is running it runs fines.  Idles fine.  Excellerates fine.

I haven't noticed any noises coming from the fuel pump (experienced a bad fuel
pump a few years ago, doesn't seem to be the same).

I have had it flatbedded to a few diff garages with experience in Audis, it
starts fine once it gets there!!  Very frustrating problem..

Anyone with any advice, please e-mail: