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Clicking relays.


While I have no experience with Audis or their clicking relays.  I can try to
give some insight on the clicking relay.

Do you have any temperature related problems?  (I don't remember if you had
other questions pertaining to temp)  I'm assuming a lot of items on your car
adjust for certain temperatures.  As temps fluctuate, different relays can
activate different systems.

I guess what I'm getting at is that the relay may not be your problem.
 Something else is causing the relay to click on and off.

For instance on my 944, the climate control system uses small controllable
flaps in the vents to adjust the cockpit temperatures.  Sometimes the arms
moving the flaps can break.  This causes the climate control system to try and
adjust the temp. when it relay can't.  What happens is that certain relays will
constantly click (every few seconds).

Hope this helps.