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92 S4 Digital Radio Dash Display...

Hi guys,

I just had an interesting experience while driving the 92 S4 tonight.

Conditions: approx. 80 deg. F, dry.
Car (engine) was warm/hot....

Suddenly, on the highway, I was treated to an interesting display of
flickering horizontal lines, checkerboard activity, etc., in the warning light
window (digital area in the center) where the radio station is normally

All I did was turned on and off the radio, and it went back to normal...

Then, I let the car idle for about 2 minutes outside my house, and went to
park it elsewhere, and the display *freaked* out again! I tried turning off
and on the radio, but to no avail. I then turned on and off the ignition, but
that didn't work either...

Other prior unusual occurrences: During summer days, going over a bump, the
digital display sounds the "Oil" warning in red, (drips from the oil
container), and won't reset...this only happened after the dealer mechanic
(who usually does a good job) installed the Audi front strut bar (OEM) in the
92...which, unusually enough, didn't have one! Maybe a connection loose?

Anyway, this comes only 2 weeks after the extended GE warranty (Deluxe -
covered almost everything) expired, and which was useless anyway...they
declined numerous repairs...warning: Don't bother with them!

Anyway, the service manager states that this is common with the 92's and
that's why they eliminated them in 93...but, all Euro-spec Audis and upmarket
VW's can be ordered with same/similar features...

Anyone know of any fixes? The dealers just used to replace the whole dash, due
to a potentially broken circuit board...


Dorab (nivi@aol.com)