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'89 200TQ dashboard revisited

Hello, Club!

The intermittent dashboard on my 200 has been driving me nuts for four
years. Finally I sed enough is enough and completely resoldered the main
PC board. This is a shotgun "approach", but instead of scrutinising
every solder joint for cracks I found out over the years of
troubleshooting various electronic equipment that touching up all of
them with a soldering pencil is a far more reliable way, and a faster
one too.

Net result: no_more_friggin' hieroglyphic pictogrammes in place of
diagnostic symbols in the main computer window. A number of listers had
the same problem with their 200's and I don't recall anyone finding a
remedy. So here it is: just solder every joint on the board. Make sure
you have a good thermostatically controlled soldering pencil. Please,
don't use those $4.99 Radio Shock specials! I use a programmable Weller
with a 3/32 chisel-shaped Ni-plated tip.

A side benefit of digging into the dashboard PCB -- I have finally
figured out how to make the clock run in the 24h mode. For all fellow
foreign-born Americans, who can't stand this AM/PM nonsense:

1. Completely remove the clock module.
2. Do not take it apart, leave the white plastic bezel and 3 tiny screws
in place!
3. If you face the display, in the right top corner you'll see two round
Au-plated spots, approx. 3-4mm in DIA.
4. The top one is bisected into two halves and has "12h" printed next to
5. The bottom one is almost bisected the same way, but there's a tiny
bridge of Au left, connecting the two halves. Cut this bridge with an
Xacto knife.
6. Viola! No more 6:00 display, which creates a subconscious urge to hit
the shower and rush to work, although it is already dark outside.
Instead you have a familiar and pleasant 18:00 readout which means it's
Martini time :)
BTW, after having been late for work for the third time I sed to myself
"no more trying to get used to this stupidity" and converted each and
every clock in my house into the 24h format. 
What happens is that I set the alarm clock at 7:00 but forget to look if
the silly teeny-tiny red PM LED comes on and the SOB fails to ring in
the morning. It does ring at 7:00 however (19:00 for the rest of the
world), when I am already back home.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ -- 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ -- nothing to declare
Philadelphia, PA