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Re: 80 vs 90

James Slusser wrote:

> Things not offered on the 80q: Leather, glass sunroof (moonroof?), climate
> control, 20V (90's had them starting in '90), ???

I'm not aware of any glass sunroofs in a 90 series. Correct me if I am wrong,
but I believe the first Audi with a glass roof panel was the 92 100 series.

> I don't know when the 90's got the colored bumpers, but the 80's had them
> in '90 (got that?!?).  I do have more specific info for the '90 model year
> for both models if you're interested.
> jim slusser
> '90 80q

All 90 series cars from 88-on had body color bumpers. It was the 88-89 80
series that had unfinished bumpers.


> >Can someone sum up some of the differences between late 1980's 80 and 90
> >quattro models? Same body and engine in each, correct? So far, I've notice
> >the 80's I've looked at don't have color coded bumpers, and seem to have
> >less sporty seats (less bolster). What else??
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Paul
> >86 & 87 4kcsq