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Re: "R &R"

In a message dated 98-03-31 10:38:27 EST, you write:

 >Hmmm.  Well this goofball went to a qclub event in the rain with an M3 with
 >stock tires, and passed the most tweeked of audis running.  
> Just a quick point: I've been to many QC track events and the vast majority
 >participants are just average joe-driver types that just want to explore a
bit about
> what their (usually new) quattros can do. This contrasts drastically with
the type
> that would bring an M3 to a q-club event. Conclusion: the above is a mostly
> worthless comparison, IMFO. It's the DRIVER and not the car! (mostly) If you
> put that M3 driver into one of the highly-tweeked qs you would have a better
You give me more credit than I give myself.  However, understand glen, that I
was in both, the same day, same driver.  In fact several of the audis, tweeked
and non.  My point stands as written.  Significant to me and some others, that
maybe a balanced chassis can equal or better the awd "advantage". Not the
expected outcome by this driver and the others, objectively, I'll take the lap
time for the point.  I might also present that the run group included one
Keith Anderson with his trailered tweeked Urq with diffs locked.  Anyone
that's been in a seat with him, will understand the impact of the above
statement made as the owner of said M3 loaded the trunk and drove home to Los
Angeles, changed his oil and drove to work....