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Re: Horn relays

> Perhaps some friendly electronics expert (Orin?) could come up with an
> automatic version, keying off the roadwheel movement signal sent to the
> ISV?  This would switch the 'discrete' relay below, say, 5mph - the
> normal one from 5mph to 50mph, and the "you lunatic" one above that.
> It would perhaps also go up through the relays if the horn button were
> kept depressed ...

That's brilliant, Phil, though I would settle for two settings - the
polite friendly "beep" and the surface-to-surface missile warning.  I
like the automatic "upgrade" feature, too.  Horn usage events are
usually not times when you want to be "playing with knobs" (TM-WUNH

Say 1-2 seconds of polite, then latch over to the siren?

Just what I needed, somthing else to think about in my spare time...

Huw Powell