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Thoughts on the C&D Test

Many of us root for our favorite carmaker to produce a top-of-the-line
model that does everything well, i.e. posh luxury sedan that handles
marvelously even at 10/10ths with supercar level acceleration, top
speed and brake capacity to match.  Though among the costliest in the
group test, the A8 apparently missed the mark in several areas, and are
we ever sore!  I think C&D summed it up rather well, a terrific car for
someone not interested in challenging a vehicle's ultimate performance
limits, except perhaps the ability to shine in inclement weather.
Disappointing?  Sure, but most of us weren't in the market anyway.  

Do the results suggest engineering shortcomings that (perhaps
subconsciously) reflect on the rest of the line?  I doubt it.  They're
probably the result of cost and marketing-driven decisions, dubious (or
cynical) ones from an enthusiast's perspective.   I have plenty of
confidence in Audi's ability to deliver complete, class-leading products. 
The flashes of brilliance are everywhere.  The cars themselves may well
be available in Europe.   I have far less respect for the company's
judgment in U.S. marketing and a myriad of other customer-related
matters.  It's enough to make me wonder what I'm willing to risk putting
up with to make an A4Q my next car.  Listers, do similar thoughts
underlie your grumbles?

Stone Mountain, GA
'85 4KSQ
'89 F250 4x4 diesel
'95 Z28