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Re: ECU viruses

ECU's don't care about dates, so they are totally 'immune' to the year 2000
'problem'.  It's mostly old business, banking and government software
that is affected.  Don't worry about it.

Sr Software Eng.

> I was wondering about something. I saw on ITN news the other day about how
> theres going to be a virus that's going to wipe out almost everything in
> the year 2000. Utilities, etc. are covered, as well. Breat Britain has a
> 15,000,000 pound program to develop a new language to get around the
> problem. My question is: what about our cars? Aren't the ecu's programmed
> with the same langauge as main systems? Are they subject to the same
> virus? Will we not be able to drive our cars in 2000? Any computer guys on
> the list?