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Even more 80q problems

First of all, let me give a quick thanks to everyone who responded to my
questions concerning Competition Limited.  It looks like I'll be
shopping for a cheap Euro conversion.

Now, on to the fun stuff.
    There's a grinding noise coming from the front of my car when
accelerating from low rpm's (1k-2k).  It is VERY noticeable in second
gear, less so in first in third, and inaudible in fourth in fifth.  As
rpm's climb, the noise fades out.  The slower I accelerate, the quieter
the noise is.  The faster, the louder.  Is this a failing transmission?
I haven't had any trouble getting the car into gear and there are no
unusual noises at higher rpm's so I've tried to discount this.  Just a
slipping clutch (110,000 miles)?  My differentials worked fine this
winter so I don't think that's the cause either.  This noise has been
present in second gear for some time but has been getting louder and
only recently spread to the other gears.
    If it is a slipping clutch (my best guess), how long do I have
before I'll need to replace it?  It drives without any problems now and
I do my best to avoid purposly slipping it (no drag racing).  How big a
job is this?  Any BTDT on an 80/90q?  Should an ameteur mechanic attempt
this?  What's the the part cost vs parts/labour cost?
BTW, is there such a thing as a cheap Euro conversion?

As usuall, TIA

Mike Stump
80q (hoping the Audi gods will spare me and my bank account for awhile)