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RE: Even more 80q problems

The symptoms sound very similar to my 83 4ks when the #1 crankshaft/rod
bearing went out.  The noise I had was more of a slapping or clunking
sound but is was also very dependent on load (i.e.., when in the lower
gears and between 2500 - 3500 rpm during acceleration).  You can check
this by supporting the engine from the top, dropping the subframe and
the oil pan, then removing the bolts that hold the endcaps to the
connecting rods, and look for signs of wear on the bearing shells or
larger pieces of metal in the oil pan.  It would also be a good time,
since you are in there, to replace the bearings and the oil pan gasket.
Its not a complicated procedure but it can be time consuming.

As for the clutch, I have not yet done this to my q but have done 4 of
them on my fox's and 4ks'.  The first one took me 3 days - quite a
learning experience.  Most of the time was spent separating the downpipe
from the exhaust manifold and chiseling out the pilot bearing.  If you
have got some time to kill and some skin to spare from your knuckles it
may be worth your time to do it yourself.  However, I think a decent
shop could do it in just a few hours. It is really just a question  of
how intimate you want to get with your car ;^)...

In either case you should check soon.  A bad bearing can ruin the
crankshaft and/or the connecting rod(which you should replace as a set
of 4/5).  And imagine trying to pull out of the way of a semi truck/fire
engine only to find your clutch slipping and you are not moving at all

Hope that helps
chris perry
89 90q
90 VW Past SW
too many 4000's and Fox's to count
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>Subject:	Even more 80q problems
>First of all, let me give a quick thanks to everyone who responded to my
>questions concerning Competition Limited.  It looks like I'll be
>shopping for a cheap Euro conversion.
>Now, on to the fun stuff.
>    There's a grinding noise coming from the front of my car when
>accelerating from low rpm's (1k-2k).  It is VERY noticeable in second
>gear, less so in first in third, and inaudible in fourth in fifth.  As
>rpm's climb, the noise fades out.  The slower I accelerate, the quieter
>the noise is.  The faster, the louder.  Is this a failing transmission?
>I haven't had any trouble getting the car into gear and there are no
>unusual noises at higher rpm's so I've tried to discount this.  Just a
>slipping clutch (110,000 miles)?  My differentials worked fine this
>winter so I don't think that's the cause either.  This noise has been
>present in second gear for some time but has been getting louder and
>only recently spread to the other gears.
>    If it is a slipping clutch (my best guess), how long do I have
>before I'll need to replace it?  It drives without any problems now and
>I do my best to avoid purposly slipping it (no drag racing).  How big a
>job is this?  Any BTDT on an 80/90q?  Should an ameteur mechanic attempt
>this?  What's the the part cost vs parts/labour cost?
>BTW, is there such a thing as a cheap Euro conversion?
>As usuall, TIA
>Mike Stump
>80q (hoping the Audi gods will spare me and my bank account for awhile)